Vigil of Pentecost

We are ending our Easter Season with a Bang!

On Saturday, May 30, Saint Mark Church will present and on-line Pentecost Vigil-Prayer-Concert.


Maria Vargo and Cesar Marquez will sing with the Mark Balling trio, accompanied by Arturo Solar on trumpet and your own Fr. Albert on saxophone.


We will make a musical journey through the Scriptures of the Pentecost Vigil.
All will be live-streamed to your home.

You will not want to miss this. So tune in at 7 PM!



If you have a specific prayer to the Holy Spirit, please pass it on to us through the chat-box!

3 thoughts on “Vigil of Pentecost

  1. Thank you Father Albert and everyone for organizing
    the musical journey tonight which also concludes
    the ninth day Pentecost Novena.
    We continue to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit
    when the whole world is waiting or going through
    the phases of reopening….

  2. Please pray for Peace, Understanding and Justice. Thank you Lord for all the provisions and support you give us but we need the Holy Spirit to come down on all of us. Please Come Holy Spirit Fill All Our Hearts, this country needs you. We pray in Jesus’ name Amen.

  3. What a fabulous and uplifting service that glorified God!! I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!!

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