Reopening Saint Mark Church

Monday, June 8.

There is reason for rejoicing. Bishop Clark has approved Saint Mark’s plan for reopening. But, please, understand that we still need to exercise patience.

After twelve weeks of corona-induced silence, the community of Saint Mark hopes to come to life again on Sunday June 14. And, like an immobilized patient making her first steps, also Saint Mark will start to move slowly and gradually.

After watching television images of crowded protests in the street, I myself had the thought “Why bother?” “Let’s just open up the place!” But that is not how we work in the Church. We remain responsible even if others are not. Corona is NOT over. The number of infections is on the rise. If a second lockdown might happen, it will not be because of us. Please allow us to take care of your and your loved one’s safety.

At this time, our staff is putting together a team of volunteers and finalizing a reservation system that will grant you a limited access to the coming four masses of June 14, June 21, June 28 and July 5. English at 9am, Spanish at 12pm. Those will be live-stream masses with a maximum of 75 people present. To give as many parishioners as possible a chance to attend during this period, you will be able to make just ONE reservation. But you can make that reservation for your whole household. These Masses are a test drive, to see whether our plan works.
From July 12, more Masses will be added, if safety can be guaranteed.

This Thursday, June 11, after consultation with the Parish Leaders, the reservation system will go online.
We will notify everyone again through Flocknote.

Greetings, Fr Albert


Here you can download the PDF-document issued by the Archdiocese about reopening the parishes, to give you an idea what we at Saint Mark have to comply with.

6 thoughts on “Reopening Saint Mark Church

  1. Hi Father Albert,
    Sorry I got on your case for poor Venmo .We do miss Our Church Community.
    Joanne said you had several issues with no one showing up to help with the audio/video.(during the marches)
    Your music show was very good except for these issue.
    Mavis and I hope to see you at one of the upcoming masses. We are old but healthy. George and Mavis

    • Hi George,
      No need to apologize
      It is very frustrating when the Livestream has issues.
      But it might be hard to imagine how many moving parts there are, with such a transmission.

      I do what I can to fix things after the fact, with digital editing.
      That takes two hours from me ever Sunday.
      I believe last Sunday was very good.

      Thanks for your feedback.
      That always helps.
      Greetings to Mavis.

      Fr Albert

  2. Dear Father Albert,
    My Husband and I would like to attend Mass this weekend or next weekend if possible. I would also like to bring communion to Paula if possible. I do not have Flocknote. You can e-mail me.
    Thank you,
    Lorene Ross

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