Opening Up Saint Mark Church after COVID-19

June 5, 2020

Under strict guidelines, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles is allowing a gradual reopening of the Parishes to the public. The Saint Mark Administration is currently in the process of submitting a plan to the Bishop for approval.
The earliest possible Masses would be June 14, 9am (English) and 12pm (Spanish) by reservation only.

Login info will be provided after the approval of the Bishop.

Parish Staff and volunteers are in the process of putting all the necessary procedures in place for a safe reopening of Saint Mark.

Stay tuned!

Fr Albert


4 thoughts on “Opening Up Saint Mark Church after COVID-19

  1. Are we going to be able to attempt the 8:00am daily Mass again. Went will they start having the 7:00am Sunday Mass again.

    I am 65 years old. I have arteria sclerosis. I was thinking of waiting until they would start the early masses to go to Mass. Is this going to happened soon.
    Do I need to start going June 14? Is it now considered a day of obligation?

    • Hello Maura,
      The Archbishop extends the suspension of the obligation for Sunday Mass.
      There is no rush to come to Mass.
      Let the parish first figure out how to follow all the protocols safely and you can come at a time that works best for you.

      Public Daily Mass will resume on July 6 at the earliest.
      The Early Sunday Mass might come in the following week.
      We are still waiting for the Bishop’s approval.

      Blessings, fr Albert

  2. Since mass will be by invitation only, so limited in the number of people who can attend, why not have more than 2 masses?

    • We are making a gradual reopening of the church for reasons of safety.
      June is a test drive. We need to put a complicated protocol in place with many volunteers signing up.
      And we have only a small staff to coordinate.
      If everything goes well, we can add masses in July.
      f Albert

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