Pastoral Planning

Thank you for providing your feedback and experiences to support the mission of St. Mark! The results from the assessment will guide the community as it strives to proclaim the Good News by word and deed, to welcome and comfort all of God’s people, and to reach out in Christian service to those in need. 

St. Mark Parish is engaging the parish community as part of our long range planning process. Your feedback through the parish life survey has been an invaluable part of this process and will guide the goals and objectives for the parish community in the coming years. The survey results have been processed and analyzed.

Thank you for providing your feedback and experiences to support the mission of St. Mark!

La parroquia de San Marcos está involucrando a la comunidad parroquial en el proceso de planificación pastoral. Las opiniones recibidas por medio de la encuesta parroquial han sido un componente indispensable de este proceso y guiará las metas y objetivos de la comunidad parroquial en los siguientes años. Los resultados de la encuesta han sido procesado y analizado.


De agradecemos su disposición de proveer sus opiniones y experiencias que nos ayudaron a lograr la misión de San Marcos.

Update from the Pastoral Planning and Assessment Committee

The following slides are a summary of the work undertaken thus far by the Pastoral Planning and Assessment Committee since June 2016.  Led by Pastor Fr. Paul Spellman, over 30 ordained and lay parish leaders have devoted the last several months as members of this committee, joined by dozens of volunteers to support the survey process.

After administering, collecting and processing nearly 1,000 surveys from the St. Mark community, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) has generated a 133-page report.  The Pastoral Planning and Assessment Committee is working together to understand its findings and plan the next steps in the assessment and planning process.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • 95% of respondents report a positive evaluation of St. Mark Parish overall (higher than the national average)
  • Half of respondents have attended the parish for at least 10 years, with the average being slightly more than 16 years!
  • By multiple measures, respondents that have joined the parish recently have experienced a good reception.
  • The generational make-up of St. Mark Parish is slightly younger than that of parishes nationally.
  • Children’s religious education programs are 10-14% more likely to be evaluated by respondents as “excellent” than those at parishes nationally.
  • 92% of respondents give St. Mark School a positive evaluation.
  • Outreach to young adults by the parish has a positive rating that is 17% higher than the national average

In addition to affirming the good work being done in the parish, the committee is using the statistical data to understand the needs of the St. Mark community and to identify areas of growth for the next several years.  The findings will be used as we create a formal plan with priorities for the next several years.  Your support is still needed to create this plan – stay tuned for more details!

We invite you to join the community in prayer as we continue the assessment and planning process. Thank you for your participation!

Prayer for the Pastoral Planning Process
Holy Trinity
As we enter into this process of planning for Saint Mark
Let us be loving, like you, wanting and seeking to provide our parish family with courage and tender compassion
Let us recognize ourselves and each other as truly beloved people, forging a united community through Christ’s love
Let our hearts rejoice in the Holy Spirit as we serve everyone we meet in every task we take
Help us to become what you want St. Mark to be

Oración para Proceso de Planificación
Santisima Trinidad
Al entrar en este proceso de planificación para San Marcos
Ayúdanos amar, como tu amas, a buscar y proveer a nuestra familia parroquial con valentía y compasión
Ayúdanos a reconocernos unos a otros como pueblo querido, forjando una comunidad unida en el amor de Cristo
Permite que nuestros corazones regocijen en el Espíritu Santo según tenemos encuentros con aquellos a quien servimos
Ayúdanos a ser lo que deseas que San Marcos sea